Taylor Swift’s launches her new music video “Delicate”

The 28-year-old pop star has danced like no one else proving that her older self isn’t dead after all.

Taylor Swift has premiered her next single “Delicate” music video at iHeartRadio Music Awards on Sunday and her fans got to see Taylor’s sixth studio album ‘Reputation’ music video and her signature moves.

Taylor Swift's launches her new music video "Delicate"

The clip begins with Taylor getting interviewed on a red carpet and then she walks into a hotel lobby, taking selfies with her fans at the event before her bodyguards spirit her away. The singer has turned it into a magical note in the midst of all the chaos. Then, in a fancy powder room, she made faces at herself looking into a mirror when three women walked in and suddenly she has realized that she has become invisible.

She has ripped off the bottom of her turquoise fringed dress and started dancing, throwing off her shoes to her heart’s concert— shaking off on the top of the hotel bar. She continued breaking it down as she headed into a subway station, splashing in the rain and doing the splits in the car. At one point, Taylor passes by Joe’s Deli [a special nod to her beau Joe Alwyn— who has inspired her for the track].

The “End Game” singer then moves into the Golden Gopher in Los Angeles, appeared to be a reference to her lyric ‘dive bar on the east side.” However, she seemed to be focusing on an unseen guest and smiled at the end of the video. The track’s video was filmed over two nights in downtown Los Angeles and featured iconic landmarks such as the Los Angeles Theatre and Millennium Biltmore Hotel.

In a pre-recorded acceptance speech for the female of the year, the singer was heard saying, “Hey guys, I just wanted to thank you so much for this award and to the fans for everything you have done and always do and continue to do. You’re the best.” On Monday, she has announced her new music video on her social media accounts.