Princess Madeleine welcomes her third baby with Chris O’Neill

Sweden’s Princess Madeleine has welcomed her third child, a baby girl, with her husband Chris O’Neill in the early morning of 9th March.

Princess Madeleine welcomes her third baby with Chris O'Neill


A few hours later, the proud parents have shared an adorable photo of their newborn princess weighing 7.6 pounds and 19.7 inches. She was dressed in a cute pink sweater with a ruffled white collar and white pants and the baby was fast asleep for her first debut picture. Chris has shot a sweet snap himself earlier that day at Danderyd Hospital in Stockholm.

Throughout his wife’s labor, Chris was at the hospital and has said that they are delighted with the new addition to their family. Chris and Madeleine are already the proud parents to 4-year-old Princess Leonore and 2-year-old Prince Nicolas and have welcomed their new royal baby on Friday.

In a statement released by the palace that Leonore and Nicolas have their long-awaited sibling and can’t wait to meet their new baby sister. It has been also revealed by Chris that the new royal baby “looks very much like when Nicolas was born.” Next week, Sweden’s newest young royal name is expected to be announced.

Palace spokeswoman Margareta Thorgen has said, “The King and Queen are heading home to Sweden right now.” The first child of the royal couple was born at a private hospital in New York while her parents lived there. Their 2-year-old son was delivered at Stockholm’s Danderyd Hospital. The family has relocated from New York to Los Angeles in 2015, where Chris has worked as a managing director of Wilton Payments Limited.

In an interview with a Swedish newspaper, Expressen, Chris has hinted that the royal couple is having another baby. He has explained that they want to have more children as both of them want a big family. Chris shared, “One or two more in future, absolutely!”