Kim Kardashian West back to her brunette locks

The 37-year-old reality TV star is back with her brunette locks.

Kim Kardashian West back to her brunette locks

Kim Kardashian West has returned to her natural dark-colored roots after six months of rocking icy blonde platinum locks and two weeks of trying with hot pink tresses. She has debuted her new look after she has shared an Instagram snap of her pink hair and captioned, “Gonna miss the pink.”

After her sister Khloe Kardashian’s pink-themed baby shower on Saturday, she has posted shots to Instagram with funny filters such as animal ears and glasses with her brunette hairs flowing downwards. The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star has shared a video on Snapchat showing off her hairs and said, “I’m back.”

At the beginning of New York Fashion Week last fall, she was made her first major hairdo as she stepped out in bright platinum hairs that she later revealed that the real deal. The beauty mogul confirmed she has been talking about going blonde again for a long time and is so happy that she did.

She has said, “I know a lot of people initially thought I was wearing a wig, but it’s my real hair.” The star has said that her amazing stylist, Chris Appleton, has dyed her hair and got it to the perfect platinum, silvery-white color. Kim has revealed that they had wanted to do this for a while as Chris felt it would be a great transition from the super long, sleek hair they began doing last year in Paris.

She has said, “We wanted a whole new vibe and the silver tone is such an iconic look — the modern version of platinum blonde.” She has donned the look over the months, she let her dark roots grow in at times and doesn’t hold back from sharing her struggles of maintaining her blonde locks.

In December, the mother of three tweeted that she has spent the last few days bleaching her roots (they do it in stages so it doesn’t break off). She wrote, “OMG 13 hours & still going. This blonde is very high maintenance. Love you @ChrisAppleton1 but getting over this.”