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The Gonz: Fourstar Commercial


New York City, homemade kickers, curved rail boardslides, if you don’t know about “The Gonz” you need to do ya research! OG skateboard legend Mark Gonzales with a b/s boardslide all the way around in New York City for this Fourstar Clothing commercial. Published December 9, 2014 Mark shows that he is just as good with people as he is with his skateboard. #StatusLife #AsAboveSoBelow #TheStatusLifeDotCom

Kevin Romar: TWS Park



From start to finish Kevin Romar killed it! The video begins with a switch heel down the TWS Park double set. With his switch game on lock, he continued with a switch BS blunt slide and a nollie inward heelflip BS 180. Seasoned skateboard Vet. Brandon Turner keeps the switch alive with an impromptu guest appearance. Be sure to watch until the end for the banger! #StatusLife #TheStatusLifeDotCom #AsAboveSoBelow

Beyonce “Formation”



Beyonce “Formation” (Audio) #StatusLife #AsAboveSoBelow #TheStatusLifeDotCom

2005 Danny Way Ollie’s The Great Wall Of China


THROWBACK! Watch as Danny Way Ollie’s The Great Wall of China + behind the scenes footage leading up to the event. #StatusLife #AsAboveSoBelow #TheStatusLifeDotCom

Bambino Gold “Trappin Made It Happen”



Bambino Gold “Trappin Made It Happen” #StatusLife #AsAboveSoBelow #TheStatusLifeDotCom

Luan Olivera: PUSH


The Berrics presents The Dew Tour Series PUSH with Luan Olivera. Enjoy! #TheStatusLifeDotCom #AsAboveSoBelow #StatusLife

Killer Mike: Swag Shop


The only thing Killer Mike wanted to do besides Music was owning a Barber Shop… “Enter The World of Killer Mike’s Barber Shop” The Swag Shop. #StatusLife #AsAboveSoBelow #TheStatusLifeDotCom


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